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I dance,

To me, life happens in motion. A constant exchange of energies that all the time create and recreate our reality, changing our worlds. Life, as it really is, never stops, never waits, always reacts. Because it has the wisdom of time: the junction between north and courage.

That’s why dance is my inspiration. When I dance, I know part of the movement is all about training, rehearsal, action. The other part is studying. A feeling that comes from what I know, learn and experiment. Different areas of knowledge that connect to improve this movement.

And then, our body learns and creates a memory from what already existed in our mind and our hearts.

The next step is the stage. The moment of sharing. Movement inside and movement outside.

In this sense, movement probably is one of the best words to describe the world today. Everything is in motion. Information moves as fast as light and people are often connect and united in technology. But what gives consistency in a world of constant communication? A purpose. That’s what drives and brings meaning to our movements.

When there’s a purpose our projects flow on life’s course: begin with a bigger meaning, helping the world to find and reveal its best.

Always in motion, always growing, always sharing.

I dance. And I believe in putting our purpose in motion. I believe we can unite the consistency of a well-defined purpose in to the movement of a new world. Connected and globalized.

I believe our purpose needs to be in motion to be found and touch other people. Because it's in motion that we can find the answers that we are looking for.

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